What’s the Best Waterproof Deck Coating?

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Since they’re often uncovered, decks are vulnerable to the elements 24/7, 365 days a year. If you have a wooden deck at your home, you can’t just leave the wood unprotected from Mother Nature. There are many products on the market that are designed to waterproof your deck and protect it from weathering.

However, going to the hardware store and staring at all of the different stain and coating options can be mind-boggling. For that reason, we put together this handy post to teach you a little bit more about your options for deck waterproofing in Salt Lake City, UT:

  • Solid deck stains: A solid deck stain doesn’t actually penetrate the wood. Instead, to waterproof the deck, the stain covers the wood just like a coat of paint. Because it doesn’t get into the wood grain, these stains tend to peel and need to be reapplied over time. However, they come in a wide variety of colors to give your deck a unique look.
  • Semi-solid deck stains: While a solid deck stain is completely opaque, semi-solid stains are slightly transparent. These stains do penetrate the wood grain, providing greater protection from rain, snow, sleet and even UV rays. These stains also give your deck a more natural appearance than a solid stain would.
  • Fluoropolymer stains: For the best waterproofing, go with a fluoropolymer coating. These stains offer complete protection from the elements and also defend against bacteria, fungus and mold. Keep in mind that these high-end stains are a bit more expensive than the ones mentioned above. That said, they’ll last for a long time.

Waterproofing your deck shouldn’t be a DIY job

You could pick up the stain and all the necessary tools from any hardware store, but we don’t think deck waterproofing in Salt Lake City, UT is a DIY chore. These are a few reasons to hire a professional to stain your deck:

  • Ensure the stain lasts: Many DIY-ers don’t use the right technique, stain or tools to stain their deck. Not only does this result in a shoddy-looking deck, but the stain also doesn’t last as long—it starts to peel, chip or fade. In just a few years, you could find yourself going through the whole process again. Ensure the deck looks great and the stain lasts a while by hiring a pro.
  • Save your time: Staining a deck doesn’t take all that long, but you surely have better things to do than spend your time laboring under the sun! While you relax inside, professionals will take care of staining your whole deck in no time at all.
  • Identify any deck flaws: Homeowners can spot big problems with their deck, like large cracks or a lot of mold growth, but they often don’t know how to spot tiny flaws that’ll soon become a significant issue. Professionals know all the signs that a deck is compromised. After they identify these tiny problems, they can make the necessary repairs before staining your deck.

If you have a newer deck that’s never been stained or a deck that could use a new stain application, hire our team at Stubbs Roofing, Inc. Call us today to schedule deck waterproofing in Salt Lake City, UT or to learn more about all of our services.

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