How to Prevent Ice Dams on Your Roof

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From baking under the sun to taking on hail damage, roofs go through a lot throughout the year. One danger roofs face each winter is the possibility of ice dams. As the name suggests, an ice dam is a thick barrier of ice that develops on the edge of a roof. It’s the result of snow melting on top of the roof, trickling down and then refreezing when the temperatures drop again.

Ice dams can cause damage to your roof, your gutters and even the inside of your home, so they’re a real threat. This post from your roofing contractors in Salt Lake City, UT will cover how you can prevent them from forming on your roof:

  • Remove snow right away: The top way to prevent an ice dam is to remove snow from the roof before it can melt and trickle down to the edge. That said, climbing up on the roof to remove snow is dangerous, so we recommend hiring a professional to tackle the job.
  • Upgrade your roof: There are many benefits to a metal roof. One of the top benefits is that they’re more resistant to ice dams than asphalt shingle roofs. Replacing your roof this spring will nearly assure you never have an ice dam again.
  • Seal all air leaks: An unnaturally warm attic raises the roof’s temperature during the winter, melting more snow. With more melting snow trickling down, the higher the chance of an ice dam. To keep your attic cool in the winter, seal the living areas of your home to prevent warm air from rising to the attic.
  • Update insulation: You can also keep the attic colder in the winter by updating the insulation in your main living space. More insulation between your upper floor and attic will prevent heat transfer and ensure your attic doesn’t get unnaturally warm.

How to deal with existing ice dams

Following the tips above will help prevent ice dams in the future, but they likely won’t address any ice dams you have right now. Here are a few ways you can remove any existing ice dams before they do any damage:

  • Break up the dam: Breaking the ice dam into small chunks with a blunt hammer will prevent it from getting larger throughout the winter. This is a dangerous chore, so hire roofing contractors in Salt Lake City, UT to tackle it.
  • Clear gutters and downspouts: Clogged gutters are directly correlated with ice dam formation. On a warm day, get up on a ladder and ensure there isn’t anything in your gutters that might be preventing water from flowing off the roof.

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