Ways to Prepare Your Roof for Spring

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At long last, after several months mired in cold, dark winter, spring is beginning to show up. The days are longer. The birds are chirping in the trees. Perhaps best of all, the snow is finally starting to melt. Of course, as lovely as this time of year can be, there are also potential issues that can arise as a result of the oncoming weather shift.

Here are some reasons you may need spring roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT.

Start with a visual inspection

As soon as the weather permits it, pull out your ladder and attempt to do a visual inspection of your roof and gutters. If you notice any visible signs of wear and tear—missing shingles, detached gutters, etc.—you should make plans to enlist the help of a professional as soon as you can.

It’s about prep as much as repair

Keep in mind that even if your roof isn’t showing obvious signs of decay, you should still take precautions. If your roof is several years old, for example, it may look good now, but after a few spring and summer storms, signs of stress could start to show. That’s why it’s doubly important to make sure your roof isn’t just recovered from winter, but that it’s also ready to face spring and summer.

Clean those gutters

Any spring roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT should begin by clearing your roof and your gutters of debris. Over the course of the winter, the odds are good that leaves, mud and other assorted gunk accumulated that needs to be scooped out. You should also take steps to ensure that your gutters’ downspouts are cleared and ready for the summer rains. Clogged gutters can lead to severe water damage that harms your roof and can cause costly damage to the structure of your home.

Check for holes on the inside of the roof

You might not realize it, but problems with your roof don’t always start on the outside and move their way inward. Sometimes, the opposite occurs. If you have any attic space, it’s a good idea to head up there as the spring thaw begins. Holes in your attic space will not only exacerbate roofing issues, but they can also let in pests and wreak havoc on your monthly energy bills.

Your roof repair pro

If you need a little help with responding to winter roof damage in Salt Lake City, UT, there’s no better team to trust than Stubbs Roofing, Inc. Throughout the greater Salt Lake City area, our name is synonymous with first-rate craftsmanship and courteous service. We have years of combined experience providing top-of-the-line roofing repair and maintenance for commercial and residential customers alike—flat roofs, roof membranes, metal roofing, shingle roofing, leak repair, roof tear-offs, deck waterproofing and much more!

If it goes above your head, the odds are good that Stubbs Roofing, Inc. can keep it in good working order. Give us a call today to find out what makes us so unique. We’re ready and waiting to serve you.

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