How to Maintain a Roof with Lots of Ice and Snow

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As any veteran of a Utah winter can tell you, there’s a whole lot of problems mixed in with the peaceful beauty of a heavy snowfall. The streets ice up. The trees get droopy. The roofs of our homes, in particular, take a serious beating. When there is snow on the roof in Salt Lake City, UT, a variety of issues can crop up.

Bearing the weight of the problem

When your house is hit with particularly heavy snowfall, the first thing to consider is the amount (and type) of snow that has fallen. When it begins to settle on your roof, very light snow clocks in at about 1 pound per cubic foot. When that snow is moist or packed down, however, it can weigh as much as 20 pounds per cubic foot. All that snow puts enormous stress on your roof.

If your roof is aging, or if it hasn’t been adequately maintained, you could be at risk.

Fight back: Clearing the roof

If you have a ladder and the appropriate safety gear, it may be worthwhile to clear your roof of debris before a heavy snowfall. Snow falling on a clean roof is much less likely to cause a problem than snow falling on a roof that’s covered in limbs and leaves.

Melting water damage

Each year as the winter moves into spring, the temperature outside shifts back and forth between freezing and not. During these conditions, a snowy or icy roof in Salt Lake City, UT can start to experience melting, with water sliding down your roof until it freezes once more. As the temperature shifts back and forth, this buildup—known as an ice dam—can stop the flow of melted snow and cause it to wash backward into your home’s shingles and underneath them.

At first, your home may resist this moisture, but once the weather turns to freezing again, it can expose cracks and flaws in your roof that allow water in.

Fight back: Promote even drainage

The biggest reason why a roof develops an ice dam is due to the uneven melting of the snow on the roof. You can promote even melting by keeping attic space close to the outside temperature to ensure that your roof is not warmer than the air around it. You should also consider cleaning out your gutters to promote quick and precise drainage.

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