Get Roofing Design Inspiration from Some Amazing Buildings

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Trying to decide on the best design for your new roof can be much more difficult than it may initially seem. In addition to finding something that is both durable and practical, it is just as important that your new roof is aesthetically appealing and blends well with the rest of your home. Fortunately, there are several amazing buildings in Salt Lake City, UT that boast incredible architecture and roofing design. You may be able to draw a little bit of inspiration from some of these awesome roofs in Utah!

Salt Lake Temple

Standing well over 200 feet tall, the Salt Lake Temple is one of Utah’s most recognizable architectural marvels. Temple construction began in the mid-1800s and took over 40 years to complete, as the majority of the quartz blocks had to be transported more than 20 miles by wagon. The roof utilizes one of the more common styles of the time, combining the six-spire design with sloped roofing.

As a place of worship, the entire temple was delicately crafted to teach transcendental lessons to all of its visitors. Each tower features an earthstone at the base, a moonstone at the halfway point and a sunstone at the top, symbolizing the importance of always following an upward path.

Natural History Museum of Utah

Sustainability was the focus when the Natural History Museum of Utah was constructed, and the roofing design includes several unique elements to highlight this key feature. Serving as an extension of the picturesque foothills, an eight-foot band around the edge of the roof is adorned with five different types of native plants, unifying the building with the surrounding ecosystem. The rainwater collected from the roof’s unique green design is used to irrigate the entire museum property, and the weatherproof membrane of the planted roof also provides insulation for the building’s interior. The environmentally friendly roof provides a pleasant and welcoming habitat for local wildlife, and the white roofing material helps to reduce energy usage.

Utah State Capitol

When you think of Utah’s capitol building, its copper dome is likely one of the first features that comes to mind, but when the building was originally constructed, this dome presented many challenges. The dome’s frame was constructed with wood, steel and stucco, but as one of the longest standing buildings in Utah, the materials deteriorated over time. Eventually, the copper-sheathed dome began to leak, causing water damage to some of the building’s murals, and asbestos was used in an attempt to waterproof the structure. During major renovations in 2004, all of the asbestos was removed, and terracotta roofing material was used to repair the structure.

While you may not be looking to add a dome or rooftop garden like these amazing buildings, you still may be in search of a fresh, outside-of-the-box design. Whether it’s delicate and ornamental or focused on eco-friendliness, it’s our mission at Stubbs Roofing, Inc. to work with you to create something truly spectacular so you too can have an awesome roof in Utah. Specializing in roofing installations big and small, you can rely on us to capture the style you’re looking for to take your property to the next level. Contact us to learn more!

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