How to Know if You’re Working with Trustworthy Roofers

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When you’re having trouble with your roof, you’ll need to call in the experts to determine what’s wrong and what the most appropriate method of fixing it will be. Unfortunately, if you don’t know much about roofing yourself, you may be at the mercy of an untrustworthy contractor who’s trying to get more money out of you than necessary. Do you really need the services they say you do, or are they trying to upsell you?

Finding a trustworthy roofing company in Salt Lake City, UT isn’t necessarily difficult—you just need to be smart about who you hire and how quickly you move forward. In order to be certain that the roofing contractor you hired is trustworthy, use these tips:

  • Ask for referrals: One of the best ways to know that your contractor is trustworthy is to have them be referred by someone you know who had a positive experience. Ask your family, friends or coworkers if they know of any trustworthy roofers in Salt Lake City, UT before you look for anyone else. If you can’t get a referral and find a roofer online, ask the company for references to check with their previous satisfied customers.
  • Check licenses, insurance and certifications: Another way to know whether a company is reliable, experienced and trustworthy is whether it has the proper licenses and insurance to operate in your state. Ask for proof of the company’s contractor’s licenses and insurance coverage. Also, check to see if the contractor is certified by any roofing brands; if so, they’ve proven their worth to reputable companies and likely know what they’re doing.
  • Get a second opinion: Even if the roofing company you contact seems trustworthy, it’s worthwhile to contact another reputable contractor to get a second opinion about your roof before moving forward. If the two companies give you drastically different responses, you might want to reevaluate and consider another option.
  • Ask questions: Whenever you hire a contractor, be an informed consumer and ask your roofers lots of questions. Ask to see the damage in person or in photos and have them explain what is wrong with your roof and why their proposed solution is the right one. This way, you’ll be able to evaluate the situation for yourself.
  • Go with your gut: Sometimes, the only way you’ll be able to truly determine whether you hired trustworthy roofers in Salt Lake City, UT is to go with your gut. If your roofer is trying to pressure you into making a decision or something about the situation feels “off,” try working with another contractor. Chances are, you’ll have narrowly avoided a scam!

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