How the Weather Will Impact Your Roof in Salt Lake City, UT

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Weather is a consistent factor in the lives of Salt Lake City residents in a big way. During the summer, the temperature reaches up to the triple digits. In the winter, the temperature falls below zero. No matter what time of year it is, the weather in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area is a regular part of the equation. That means weather damage in Salt Lake City, UT is also a part of the equation for homeowners and business owners alike.

Few aspects of a home or office take a beating from the weather quite like your roof. Whether it’s metal, tile, shingle or wood, your roof is in danger when the weather turns foul. Weather damage to your roof isn’t just likely—it’s all but inevitable. Here’s how different weather can impact your roof in various ways.


Living in and around the mountains means dealing with the wind rolling off the nearby peaks. Those homeowners with asphalt shingles aren’t the only ones at risk for weather damage. If there’s a tree near your roof, wind could cause it to rub across your roof, leaving harmful scratches. There’s the risk of fallen branches impacting your roof, as well.


Though it’s not a terribly common occurrence in Salt Lake City, rain is still a concern for homeowners. Heavy rains, in particular, can expose any cracks in your roof, leading to leaks that cause extensive damage. It’s imperative to inspect older roofs after heavy rainstorms to ensure they’re still structurally intact.


Salt Lake City may have a reputation as a wintery city, but any resident understands that the heat certainly shows up during the summer. That same sunshine can wreak havoc on roofs. Asphalt is especially susceptible to shrinking and expanding during severe heat, which can leave it warped or brittle. A visual inspection of your shingles during times of extreme heat is key to preventing critical damage.


Heavy snowfall brings a number of factors that can lead to a damaged roof in Salt Lake City, UT. Driving wind can rip tiles loose, the rain that comes before the white stuff can set off leaks and then the snow itself can put excess weight on the structure of your house or cause gutters to collapse. It’s always a good idea to remove the snow from the roof of your home as rapidly as possible following a massive storm.

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