How to Know When It’s Time for a New Commercial Roof

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Regular care and maintenance is key to a long-lasting commercial roof. Here’s a look at some major signs that your business needs to hire commercial roofers in Salt Lake City, UT to replace your roof.

You have leaks

The purpose of a roof is to keep the elements from reaching you, your staff and the things inside your building. If rainwater gets through the roof, that means the roof is damaged in some way. A damaged roof can lead to damage to the building and office equipment, all things that are expensive to repair or replace. One easy way to know you have a leak in your commercial roof is having water drip down on your head when it rains or being able to see obvious signs of water damage. Unfortunately, water leaks are not always noticeable, as it’s not always easy to see the underside of the roof in commercial buildings.

If you manage a commercial building, be sure to keep an eye open for secondary signs of leaks, including water spots or mold growth on ceilings and water damage in the attic. While in the attic, sniff the air for a moldy, earthy, mushroom-like smell. These are often indicators of visible water damage to come.

Too much shingle damage

Not all commercial buildings have shingles. If yours does, you will want to inspect them from time to time. The ideal thing to do is look closely at the shingles and note whether any are showing signs of curling, splitting or cracking. Be on the lookout for patchy or bald spots in commercial roofing shingles, as well as for moss growth, which is an indicator that water is trapped inside.

The roof is blistering

Another problem commercial roofs run into is blistering. Blistering occurs on the outside of the roof and is typically related to water damage. If blistering is present, your roofer will need to inspect the attic insulation for damage caused by rainwater. Water trapped inside the insulation materials will slowly eat away at the inside of your building’s roof. This is a process that first causes the release of gases, then leads to blistering on the roof.

Roof membrane damage

The majority of commercial buildings are huge, larger than residential homes and bigger than small shops. As such, there’s a popular type of roofing set aside for commercial buildings: a flat roofing membrane. You should regularly inspect the roofing membrane for signs of water damage.

Look for lifting or bald spots, because these are both signs that your roof has seal issues and water leaks are likely going to become a big problem. Also, keep an eye out for open areas in the membrane. This is known to happen as the roof’s adhesive ages and becomes less efficient, but that’s not to say it can’t happen to newer commercial roofs, especially if the insulation was not installed correctly.

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