Common Causes of Roof Leaks

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Your home’s roof is supposed to protect the inside of your house from water, moisture and sun intrusion. If your roof has damage, such as a leak, it’s important to repair it right away. But what are the most common reasons for roof leaks? This is a great question to ask certified roofers in Salt Lake City, UT:

  • Age of the roof: Over time, roofing materials will begin to deteriorate, which can lead to missing shingles, damaged spots and a variety of repair or replacement needs. A deteriorating roof ultimately becomes less effective at keeping water and other elements out of your house or building. Making matters worse are temperature fluctuations and weather conditions. They can cause aging roofing materials to turn brittle, and exposure to direct sunlight can melt the roofing tar that holds the shingles together.
  • Roof slopes: A roof slope that is too shallow can be a problem for shingles, as the wind can lift up the shingles and let rain underneath. When installing a new roof, be sure the roofers are experts on proper slope for the type of roofing materials you choose. It doesn’t hurt to ask if a double layer of underlay material should be used, nor is it wrong to ask for a step-by-step overview of the installation process.
  • Roof vents: Anything that penetrates your roof must be sealed properly to prevent leaks. It’s extremely important to inspect the gaskets around vent pipes for gaps or cracks, and look around for missing nails. Also note that plastic vents are susceptible to cracking after years of exposure to the elements.
  • Roof flashing: Metal roof flashing seals areas where elements on your roof meet up with each other, such as the areas between shingles and rooftop fixtures like vents, chimneys, skylights and HVAC equipment. These areas are more likely to collect large amounts of water runoff or be exposed to absorption. Check any flashing sections periodically to make sure they haven’t slid out of place due to missing nails or dried and cracked caulk.
  • Missing shingles: One of the main reasons why roofs leak is missing shingles. From strong winds pulling up shingles to tree branches scraping against shingles, the result is often exposed areas on your roof. Use a ladder to check for missing shingles after storms and on a seasonal basis.
  • Debris: Tree debris can quickly build up on top of roofs. Leaves, twigs, pine needles, flowers and pollen, most of which come from nearby trees, can block water from running off the roof properly. To reduce the amount of rooftop debris, trim any tree branches that hang over your roof.
  • Gutter clogs: If your rain gutters are clogged with leaves and other debris, the water running off the roof has nowhere to go but back up on the shingles. Water pooling on the top of your roof gives moisture time to soak through into your attic, which causes a whole host of other problems. Consider gutter covers to keep gutters clear of debris.

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