What You Need to Know About Roof Warranties

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When it comes to any type of roofing project at your home, whether it’s simple repairs or a full-on installation, you should always work with roofing contractors in Salt Lake City, UT that offer warranties for the roof. Unfortunately, many consumers don’t entirely understand the concept of how roofing warranties work.

When you have a warrantied roof, there are generally two different types of warranties at play: one that covers the roofing material from the manufacturer, and another that covers the workmanship by the contractor who installed the roof. These warranties both get tied together under a single warranty to protect certain elements of the roof.

Let’s investigate this a little closer so you know more about the coverage you have on your roof.

Roofing materials

Let’s say you installed a new shingle roof on your home. With a shingle roofing material warranty, you’ll be protected in the event you were given defective shingles. In many cases, the warranties offered for these materials are good for 25 years, and sometimes more. While this is good coverage to have, it doesn’t necessarily cover every circumstance in which something could go wrong with your roof. There are a lot of other parts at play beyond just the shingles. In addition, while you are covered for the replacement of defective shingles, you’d still need to pay the person who actually installs the replacement shingles.


Workmanship warranties are important because they add some guarantees to the work done by your chosen contractor. A lack of quality installation processes makes it more likely that the roof will fail, so by offering you workmanship warranties, companies are essentially saying that they stand by the work they do. This is why it’s important that you only work with companies that offer warranties on their work.

This type of warranty offers protection for the labor and installation done on the roof. If something goes wrong with the roof because of low-quality work, you’re able to get the repairs done free of charge within the terms of the warranty.

Lifetime warranties

As we stated above, most warranties you’ll get for your roofing cover the materials and the workmanship together in one package. You might occasionally hear the warranty referred to as a “lifetime” warranty, but you should be careful with how literally you take the word “lifetime.” In most cases, the way “lifetime” is defined varies from company to company, so make sure you read all the literature the company provides about its warranties. Some companies define a “lifetime” warranty as 25 years, some more, some less. The definition can vary based on the type of roofing material, the climate in which you’re installing your roof and various other factors relating to the structure of your home.

For more information, we encourage you to contact the team of professional roofing contractors in Salt Lake City, UT at Stubbs Roofing. We’re happy to talk with you more about your various roofing options and why you should consider certain materials for your home.

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