Is Fall the Best Season for Roof Replacement in Salt Lake City, UT?

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A roofing contractor in Salt Lake City, UT will generally put a new roof on your home at any time of the year, especially if it’s an emergency situation. That being said, most contractors would agree that fall is the best time of the year to have your roof replaced, as long as you can wait until then. Keep reading to learn a few of the reasons why autumn is the perfect season to get a new roof installed, or have any sort of work done on it at all!

Fall has perfect weather

The first reason why roofers prefer working in the fall is that this time of year usually has the ideal temperatures and weather conditions to perform roof work. Asphalt shingles adhere better to roofs when the temperature is above 45 degrees, and they also take a little while before they finally set on the roof. If you perform roof work in the fall, you’re more likely to have a few weeks (or maybe even months) before the temperature gets too cold, and the shingles become too brittle. Additionally, putting shingles on when the temperature is above 45 ensures that they form an airtight barrier that locks heat in and prevents leaks.

Fix spring and summer damage

Your roof takes a beating throughout the year, but it can be particularly bad during the spring and summer. Springtime and its associated showers often bring hail storms that create damage to roofs—even the smallest pieces of hail can break off shingles, which will necessitate repair or possibly even total roof replacement in Salt Lake City, UT.

The sun’s blistering summer rays, meanwhile, take a real toll on your roof’s asphalt shingles. The sun can weaken the protective covering on older roofs, which may mean that your roof won’t be able to handle the snowfall in the coming winter. Even if you don’t want to have it replaced, your best bet is to call a contractor for an inspection to see if your roof can make it through another winter!

Snow and ice are coming

Roofs are designed to handle certain amounts of snow and ice each winter. Too much of either, especially on older roofs, can be a real issue for homeowners who live in areas that typically see lots of snowfall during the wintertime. Any shingles that look like they’re curling up are going to lead to disaster during the first heavy snowfall or ice storm. Moisture from the snow or ice will get under those shingles and cause major damage to your underlying roof. Have a contractor take a look at your roof and replace any shingles that look to be old or damaged.

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, count on Stubbs Roofing, Inc. for roof replacement in Salt Lake City, UT. Our team members have years of experience working on roofs of all shapes and sizes, so you can rest easy knowing that there’s no job too big or too small for us to tackle.

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