Does the Estimate for Your Roof Replacement Sound Too Good to Be True? Maybe It Is

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The roof is one of the most important components of your house. It shields you and your family from the elements—it keeps you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and safe during storms. It’s also a big and expensive investment, which is why you shouldn’t choose just any old roofing contractor for roof repair or replacement services. There’s probably a long list of roofing contractors in your area, but you need to do your research to be sure you are hiring the right contractor for the job. They must be professional, experienced, run a legitimate business and have an excellent reputation in the industry.

If an estimate for your roof replacement in Salt Lake City, UT sounds too good to be true, then maybe it is. Let’s talk about the importance of choosing a legitimate roofing contractor and making sure they are true professionals.

The importance of hiring a licensed and insured contractor

The quickest way to know if a roofer or company is legit is to verify whether they are fully licensed and insured. Ask to see proof of the following:

  • License: Because contractor licensing requirements vary from state to state, contact your county for this information prior to starting your search. This way, you’ll know which contractors to cross off your list. Some states have strict procedures for securing a roofing license, while others require a company to have a certain number of years of experience in the roofing industry to secure one. It benefits the homeowner to hire a licensed contractor who has the experience to take on their roofing needs.
  • Insurance: Ask a roofing contractor if they are fully insured, and if they have worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Worker’s comp protects you against lawsuits should a worker be injured while working on your property. Liability insurance protects you in the event that an accident occurs during the roofing project—for example, if parts of your house or your neighbor’s property are damaged.

Important reasons to make sure you’re hiring a professional

Hiring a professional for your roofing project provides a number of assurances that working with an amateur—or taking the DIY approach—simply can’t:

  • They have experience with your type of project: Since “roof repairs” covers a variety of services, not only do you need to hire a professional, but someone who is very familiar with your particular roofing project. Do you need shingles replaced? Need to replace the entire roof? Do you have storm damage? The contractor you choose must have experience fixing your exact type of problem.
  • They have a good reputation: A roofing contractor with a good reputation knows what they are doing. Sure, they may charge a little more for their services, but hiring a cheap roofer in an attempt to save money can lead to poor workmanship and having to pay more to fix what the inexperienced roofer has done.
  • They put safety first: Performing roofing services can be a dangerous job, even for the pros, but it can also affect homeowners. Reputable roofing companies will always put safety first.

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