Signs That It’s Time for Commercial Roof Replacement in Salt Lake City, UT

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Unless your commercial roof has a gaping hole in it, being able to tell whether or not it needs to be replaced can be a tough task. Luckily, we’re here to help! Our team has years of experience identifying when a commercial roof needs to be repaired, and when it needs to be totally replaced. Continue reading to learn a few of the signs that you need to start looking into commercial roof replacement in Salt Lake City, UT.


Your building should never have a leak coming from its roof. For starters, it doesn’t look professional. Most importantly, though, a puddle from a leak could be a slipping hazard. If the leak is detected early, it might be possible to patch up your roof instead of replacing it altogether. Moldy walls, wet spots and water drips are just a few of the signs that you should give Stubbs Roofing, Inc. a call to either repair or replace your roof.

Your roof is old

Assuming your roof is properly installed, it can last for decades without needing commercial roof replacement in Salt Lake City, UT. In fact, if a flat roof cared is for by a professional, it can last for up to 50 years. It could be time to give us a call if your building and roof are getting up there in years. One of our professionals can inspect your roof and recommend whether or not it’s time for total replacement.

Repairs are getting costly

As mentioned above, repairs are typically an option when problems arise with roofs. That being said, there’s a certain point at which you have to weigh the cost of repairs versus the advantages that come with installing a whole new roof. Though a new roof will cost a bit more than having it repaired, you can rest easy at night knowing that a new one should last for years and years without any problems.

Sagging areas

Regardless of your building’s age, your ceiling should never sag down towards the floor. If you notice that your ceiling is hanging lower than usual, it may mean that your roof has some serious structural integrity issues and may need replacement as soon as possible.

Rising energy costs

Sure, your roof protects you from the elements, but that’s not all it does! Your roof keeps inside air in and outside air out. If you notice that your energy bills are a bit higher than they used to be, your roof may have a hole that’s allowing your heat or conditioned air to escape. Replacing your roof now will set you back a bit financially, but it’ll save you a lot of money down the road on energy bills.

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the most common signs that you need commercial roof replacement in Salt Lake City, UT. Hiring a professional for inspection is the only way to tell for sure whether or not your roof needs to be replaced. Give Stubbs Roofing, Inc. a call today to set up an inspection and protect your roof.

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