Answers to Common Roofing FAQs

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Maintaining and repairing roofing is one of the most expensive and important responsibilities associated with homeownership. Here are some common questions associated with roofing maintenance and roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT.

How do I tell if my roof needs maintenance?

If you’re asking whether or not your roof needs maintenance, it probably needs maintenance. Roofs should be regularly cared for by qualified professionals. Paying for regular roof repairs will help you keep the rest of your home in great shape.

Does my whole roof need to be replaced?

Roofs naturally degrade over time, regardless of the materials they’re made from. While it’s true that some roofs do last longer than others, most roofs have a lifespan of roughly 20 years. If your roof is approaching the two-decade mark, it may be time to replace it.

What do I do if there are roof leaks?

Leaky roofs are frustrating occurrences. Here’s what you should do if you notice a leak in your roof:

  • Call for repair: First and foremost, you should call for roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT. Roof leaks are serious issues that can cause long-term, substantive damage to your home. You should leave this repair job to the professionals.
  • Isolate the leak: While you’re waiting for a roofing professional to come to your home, you should isolate the leak, and place something underneath it to stop water from causing any more damage to your home.
  • Search for more: Chances are, if your roof failed in one spot, it’s failed in another. Try your best to identify other problem areas to tell your roofing technician about once they arrive.

How long do roofs last?

Under most conditions, roofs last for roughly 20 years. Local climate, roofing type and other conditions, however, can drastically change this timeframe. For example, because roofs in Utah are regularly exposed to snow and excessive sunlight, they may degrade faster than roofs in areas with more forgiving climates.

How long does re-roofing take?

The answer to this question is ultimately dependent on the size of your home, the type of roof you’re installing and external factors, like weather conditions. Generally speaking, however, you can count on standard re-roofing to be complete within one to three days. More complicated roofs, like those found on steeply pitched multilevel homes, generally take two to three days longer to complete.

You can get in-depth, personalized answers to all of these questions and more by hiring a qualified roofing professional to perform roof repairs in Salt Lake City, UT. We are proud to provide our clients with high-quality roofing solutions that meet their unique needs. Regardless of the type of roofing you use at your home or commercial space, you can count on Stubbs Roofing, Inc. to provide you with accessible and sensible repairs and maintenance solutions. We have been among the region’s most trusted providers of roofing repairs and maintenance since 2000. For nearly two decades, we have offered residents of the Salt Lake City area dependable roofing solutions. Contact one of our friendly representatives to learn more!

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