Summertime Roof Maintenance You Shouldn’t Forget!

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It’s a common misconception that most roof damage occurs in the winter. Summer can definitely do its own unique kind of damage! Below is some helpful information and a few summertime roof maintenance tips to help you avoid costly roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT during the warmer months.

Why summer roof maintenance is important

With summer comes a host of challenging weather conditions. You now have to do your best to protect your home’s roof from scorching temperatures, humidity, thunderstorms, heavy rain and strong winds. Luckily, taking the time to perform a few quick checks of your roof and other roofing components can better ensure your roof will get you through another summer. Here’s why it’s important to inspect and fix your roof:

  • To be sure that both your roof and the roofing materials are up for the job of handling high summer heat and surprise storms.
  • For your peace of mind. When you know your roof is in good operating condition, you won’t worry every time a rain shower rolls through or the outside temperatures hit triple digits.
  • By inspecting your roof before and after summer, you are taking steps to extend the lifespan of your roof. With good maintenance, you shouldn’t have to replace it before its time.

Summer roof maintenance checklist

Not sure where to start with roof maintenance this summer? Here’s a handy checklist to help you out:

  • Inspect the shingles: It’s good practice to perform a visual inspection of your shingles once a month. To do this safely, stand far back in your yard and look up for missing shingles (bald spots), curling shingles and sagging. You may even find broken shingles lying on the ground around your house. Inside, check for signs of damage like water stains on your ceiling, bubbling or peeling paint and even mold growth.
  • Check and clear the gutters: Spring rains begin to dwindle with the approach of summer. Before summer storms and rain make an appearance, get up on a ladder to check and clear the rain gutters of leaves, twigs, other debris and algae. Debris that’s collected over the spring can clog gutter systems, blocking water from flowing freely and causing water to back up onto your roof.
  • Look for buildup on your roof: It’s worthwhile to do a visual inspection of your roof each summer to look for moss and algae, which can spread fast in the summertime. Moss growth causes moisture damage that can rot the wood underneath your roof.
  • Check your home’s ventilation: Your roofing system needs proper ventilation in order to perform its best over the long term. Hot air will rise to your attic, but without proper ventilation, the air can get trapped. This, along with a lack of insulation in your roof, can lead to moisture problems and costly roof repairs. Dry moss can be swept away with a broom, while established moss may require professional pressure washing.

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