The Most Common Commercial Roof Issues—and What to Do About Them

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A good roof is one of the most important forms of protection that exists for a company’s building, so making sure it is in good condition is always a top priority. Below is a list of the most common types of commercial roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT that businesses encounter, as well as the best ways to handle these problems.

Lack of maintenance

No matter how impeccable your contractor’s workmanship is, external factors such as weather exposure or small animal families seeking shelter can begin compromising your roof from day one. After your roof is installed, it will be important to maintain its condition to prevent problems in the future.

Just like with anything that has the potential to deteriorate over time, being proactive about seeking out routine preventative maintenance can reduce the need for expensive, large-scale repairs down the road. If the minor issues that can creep up from time to time are taken care of right away, the chances of their becoming larger problems that threaten the integrity of your building are greatly reduced.

Poor installation

If your roof is not installed properly in the first place, you could begin seeing devastating problems with your roof right away. You could experience issues with ponding water and slipping flashing, and whole pieces or sections of your roof could even blow off if they are not attached securely during installation.

To avoid this, make sure you take the time to search for the best contractor for the job by researching companies in your area and inquiring about their previous work. After you have selected your contractor, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to every step of the way. The more informed you are about the project, the better you will feel about how the finished product will turn out.

Leaks and standing water

If puddles of water are allowed to sit on your roof for an extended period of time, there are a number of problems that could develop. A puddle of water that is only one inch deep could potentially weigh over five pounds per square inch, and this weight could pose issues for both your roof and the overall integrity of your building.

In order to combat standing water issues, it is imperative that some sort of draining system is put in place when your roof is being installed, whether it is with the inclusion of roof drains or through a tapered roof design. Have your contractor check your roof’s flashing materials as well, as they are a common source of leaks.

For help with all of your needs related to commercial roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT, be sure to contact Stubbs Roofing, Inc. right away. It is our goal to make sure that your company’s building remains protected, and our knowledgeable staff is ready to use their expertise to make sure that your roof is prepared for whatever might come its way. To learn more about all of the roofing services we can offer your business, give us a call today.

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