Your Local Roofers in Salt Lake City, UT Offer Tips for Removing Snow from Your Roof

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Built with Utah winters in mind, your roof should withstand typical Salt Lake City snowfalls. However, a particularly harsh storm may dump more wet snow on your roof than it can handle. In this case, you must remove the snow to avoid roof collapse. If you need to clear your roof of snow, it is often best to contact professional roofers in Salt Lake City, UT. This can be a dangerous job, especially for two-story homes.

If you decide to remove the snow yourself, please use the following tips to ensure your safety and the protection of your roof throughout the process.

  • Stay grounded: Do all roof clearing from the ground if at all possible. Slippery conditions and gravity combine to create hazardous conditions for homeowners on their roofs. Use tools designed to reach up to the snow rather than joining it on your roof.
  • Anchor yourself: If you do venture onto your roof, secure yourself to a solid structure, such as the chimney. Use proper equipment to ensure you will not fall if you lose your footing. Before choosing an anchor, test its security to make sure it can hold your weight.
  • Avoid edges: Snowdrifts can be deceiving. Piles of powder can make a roof seem longer than it is. You don’t want to step onto a pile with no roofing below it! Try to stay away from the edges of your roof to avoid these drifts.
  • Use plastic: Metal tools can damage your roof, resulting in a need to call roofers in Salt Lake City, UT for repairs. Metal will scrape your shingles, causing damage or even tearing them away. Use plastic snow removal tools to protect your roof.
  • Consider a cutter: Roof rakes and snow cutters are common tools to remove snow from roofs. While either tool gets the job done, a cutter gets it done much faster. It removes significantly more snow with each stroke than a rake.
  • Distribute snow: As you pull, push or shovel the snow off your roof, try not to pile it all in one place. Be careful not to block windows, doors or walkways with large piles of snow from the roof. If it takes a while to melt, you’ll be glad you didn’t put all the snow in one giant mound.
  • Gear up: Wear proper protective gear as you remove snow from your roof. Work gloves, safety glasses and a helmet are all good ideas. Don’t worry, roof clearing is not a fashion show—it’s okay to look a little odd as you work. You’ll be grateful for the gear if you take a tumble or experience flying ice shards.
  • Secure the ladder: Be extremely cautious when using a ladder to access your roof. Plant it securely in a large amount of snow to ensure it does not move. Since you should never work on this project alone, ask your roofing buddy to spot you on the ladder.
  • Keep it cool: Never use open flames to melt snow off your roof. Don’t use electric heating devices to melt ice, either. These pose all kinds of safety hazards for yourself and damage hazards for your roof.

Harsh winters can be tough on your roof. As you clear snow from your home, you may discover damage. If you need repairs or advice, Stubbs Roofing, Inc. offers expert roofers in Salt Lake City, UT who are ready to assist you with any roofing questions or repairs you have this winter.

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