Winter and What It Means for Your Roof

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If you’ve lived in Utah for at least a year, you know we experience harsh winter weather. While you may be prepared with parkas and winter boots, are you ready for what the season can do to your roof? Extreme temperatures, snow and ice pose a threat to your roof and can lead to a need for roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT.

As you brace for the cold, prepare yourself for the following hazards winter poses for your roof:

  • Heat buildup: During the day, your roofing material absorbs heat from the sun. This heat builds up in air pockets between the roofing and insulation. The process of evaporation draws moisture into the air cavity. This moisture doesn’t dry out properly, causing condensation. The result is damage to your attic structure and potential leaks into your home.
  • Attic issues: How well is your attic ventilated? If it’s poorly ventilated, your attic can encourage mold and mildew growth, condensation buildup and frost. All this leads to overall roof deterioration. It also makes your HVAC system have to work harder, boosting your utility bills. Ensure your attic is well ventilated to protect your home and your wallet this season.
  • Zapped shingles: They may be weather-resistant, but your shingles are never completely weatherproof. Storms and extreme temperatures take their toll. If you notice your shingles have curled edges, staining or blistering, it’s time for roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT. Replace the worn shingles as soon as possible to avoid more extensive repairs.
  • Accumulated snow: If your gutters get clogged, snow can’t properly melt and drain off your roof. If you’ve ever shoveled snow, you know this powder can get very heavy. If it continues to accumulate, snow can become so weighty that it causes your roof to collapse. Watch for large icicles, which can indicate improper gutter operation. Clear them out right away to prevent snow accumulation on your roof.
  • Roof leaks: If melting snow and ice enter your home during the winter, it is often due to poor flashing installation. These weather-resistant barriers are designed to prevent water from entering your home. However, if they aren’t installed properly, they can gradually let moisture in and cause damage over time.
  • Dams: As heat rises through your attic, it melts snow and ice. This moisture drains away from the warm areas of your roof onto the cooler edges. It refreezes here, creating an ice dam. As the process repeats throughout the winter, it can push moisture under shingles and cause leaks and damage. Large icicles can indicate you have ice dams on your roof and you may need roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT.

If you need assistance preparing your roof for the season, don’t hesitate to contact the pros. Whether you want an inspection or already know you need roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT, the experts at Stubbs Roofing, Inc. are ready to help you through this winter. At the first sign of a hazard, give us a call!

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