How to Protect Your Roof Before and After a Storm

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Roofers know that the best time to prepare for storm damage is before it happens. Ask any roofing contractor in Salt Lake City, UT and you will learn that controlling the impacts of storms depends on what you do before and after a storm hits. Follow these five tips to protect your roof from high winds and severe weather before and after it occurs:

  • Check your homeowner’s insurance: Many homeowners learn the hard way that their policy coverage is limited. Storms can be considered “acts of god,” which may not be covered when winter winds take off the first layer of your roof. That leaves you with a large bill and lots of stress. Before summer ends, review your policy to see what it covers in the event of winter storm damage. If you need to add coverage, you can do that now before your roof faces the wrath of winter.
  • Install the right features: There are extras that will keep your home safe from storms. Metal shingles on your roof are more likely to stand up to the weather, and they last longer, too. Storm doors protect from hail, wind and flying debris. There is even protective siding available if you want to spend more to essentially arm your home against severe weather. Having a strong roof is a good way to avoid a worst-case scenario, but it should be supported with an overall storm-proof home.
  • Document: Take pictures of the exterior and interior of your home. This way, if disaster hits, it is easier to restore your home to previous condition. That goes for your roof, too. You may not remember the exact color or material of your roof if you are facing the stress of structural damage. Having pictures and video of your home’s features will help you.
  • Inspect thoroughly: Once a storm hits, inspect the exterior of your home as soon as it is safe outside. Be cautious, since storms often down power lines or weaken tree limbs, and that makes your yard much more dangerous. Even if there is no obvious damage to your roof, you still need to check everything. Missing shingles and damaged metal fascia leads to long-term problems that will result in a leaking roof one day. You want to find these issues while your insurance policy remains effective, as it will be very difficult to link damage to the storm one or two years down the road.
  • Consider reinforcements: If your roof is damaged from a storm, that is a good time to see where you can do better. It may be time for higher-quality roof material or better venting. If the problems were with your gutters and downspouts, upgrade those as well. As the damage is repaired, keep receipts so you can submit the expenses to your insurance company.

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