Four Reasons to Install Metal Roofing in Salt Lake City, UT

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If you are looking at roof replacement, do not overlook metal roofing in Salt Lake City, UT as an option. There are experienced metal roofers available to install this option, and you will love its low-maintenance, energy-saving features. This is a roof that will last for decades and never show obvious wear and tear. Here are four reasons to make your next roof a metal one:

  • Energy savings: Metal roofs are energy efficient. They offer excellent insulation, which creates a cooler home in the summer and a warmer one in winter. If you go with a lighter colored metal, it will reflect the UV rays away, which offers additional energy savings each summer. When homeowners install metal roofs, they save an estimated 25 percent on heating and cooling costs. If lower utility bills are a priority for you, investing in a metal roof is a good decision.
  • Durable: Many insurance companies will reduce your premium because metal roofs are that durable. There is less likelihood of a claim, and that sends rewards your way. If you are considering a metal roof, check with your insurance company to see if this is a possibility. Even if you do not receive an insurance discount, the durability of a metal roof is still worth it. Your roof will not deteriorate with sun exposure or severe weather, and it will not require regular maintenance. Mold does not grow on metal roofs. Plus, the ability to withstand 150 mph winds keeps your home safer!
  • Sustainable: The sustainability of metal roofs starts at installation. There is often no need to remove your original roof, because metal roofs can sometimes be installed right over them. That results in less waste. Materials include scrap metal made from recycled materials, which enhances the sustainability of metal roofs that much more. Even replacing your roof avoids excess waste, since metal roofing can be recycled. However, it will be a long time before you reach that point, because they do not require frequent replacement. Maintenance is also friendly to the environment. Metal roofs require no cleaning, which saves water. This makes metal roofing one of the more ecologically sound choices when it comes to your home.
  • Good curb appeal: Metal roofs do not fade, deteriorate or grow mold or moss. Your roof will look as beautiful 10 years from now as it did on the day it was installed. You can also better customize a metal roof to your home, as you have a wide range of designs, colors and finishes to choose from. This adds a distinctive look to your home that helps it stand out—an excellent advantage if you plan on placing it on the market later. When you decide to sell your home, your metal roof will increase its value by 1 to 6 percent. Nothing will attract a buyer quicker than a metal roof, and they will happily pay for it!

If you seek metal roofers in Salt Lake City, UT, contact Stubbs Roofing, Inc. We believe metal roofing will exceed your expectations. Call us today to arrange for an estimate!

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