Five Considerations to Keep in Mind During Commercial Roof Replacement in Salt Lake City, UT

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As your commercial building ages, so does the quality of its roof. You may have been able to get away with roof repairs up until now, but that can only take you so far. A commercial roof replacement in Salt Lake City, UT is inevitable over time, but with a little proper planning, you can have yours last longer and avoid unnecessary repairs down the road. Keep these considerations in mind before you have your commercial roof replaced:

  • Slope: The slope of your commercial roof can help prevent water leaks inside your building. Roof slope helps water run off the building and eliminates pooling on the roof. When pooling occurs, it can damage the roof surface, make it weak and cause water leaks to impact the interior of your building. With the right slope used during your commercial roof replacement in Salt Lake City, UT, you can avoid this pitfall and ensure your roof maintains an effective water flow.
  • R-value: Commercial roof replacement in Salt Lake City, UT needs to take into account the R-value of your roof materials. The higher the R-value of your commercial roof surface, the more resistance to heat your building will have, allowing you to keep temperature easier inside. Going with a higher R-value than you currently have on your roof will help reduce energy costs and make your building more energy efficient.
  • Structural loads: The material you select for your new commercial roof should be able to withstand the load requirements of the building. You may get a lot of snow or have heavy HVAC equipment that needs support. Without the proper structural load built into your roofing materials, your commercial roof could easily collapse, creating a costly and dangerous problem for you as a building owner.
  • Fire requirements: You will need to follow the building codes for your municipality in terms of roof fire rating. The slope and deck of your roof also dictate the classification of fire resistance and can help you avoid a hazardous disaster if a fire were to occur. Work with your roofing contractor to determine the fire classification that is right for your building and that will bring it up to code.
  • Drainage: Your roof’s drainage system plays an important part in how water is evacuated through your roof. You may have internal drains, scuppers or gutters that move water away from your building. Before you invest in commercial roof replacement in Salt Lake City, UT, you should be sure you have the proper drainage structure for your roof’s size and slope to ensure you don’t suffer water damage to your foundation or building surface.

Knowing the key factors that decide which type of commercial roof replacement in Salt Lake City, UT you need can help make sure you don’t end up with a roof that causes problems or needs frequent repair. Contact Stubbs Roofing, Inc. for all your roofing installation, repairs and maintenance. We are a certified roofing company that can handle any size roofing job, big or small.

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