Should You Call Us for Roof Replacement or Roof Repair in Salt Lake City, UT?

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There are several surefire signs that your roof has issues. You might have noticeable hail damage, it could be leaking or a tree may have fallen down on your house. It goes without saying that none of these are good scenarios, and they all require the professional help of a roofing contractor. But should the roofer simply repair the issue, or totally replace the roof?

Some roof quandaries have straightforward answers. If your roof was blown off in a storm, you’ll obviously need a new one. Other situations, however, have less clear-cut answers. Here are a few things to consider when you’re not sure if you need roof replacement or roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT.

What’s the additional cost to replace the roof?

Roof repairs are generally pretty expensive. This is especially true if your roof is made out of a costly material like clay tiles. If the damage to your roof is bad, but not necessarily beyond repair, it could be a better idea to ask about the additional cost to just totally replace it. For example, if a repair costs $4,000 but a total replacement costs $5,500, replacing the roof is a better value. You’d get a brand-new roof for only $1,500 more than you’d pay to patch it up.

Are there any time constraints?

It should go without saying that roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT can take a while—especially if you have a large home, and the damage isn’t just in one area of the roof. While repairs are time consuming, replacement takes even longer. If you need to get a new roof on quickly, a repair is your best bet. However, if time and money aren’t an issue, you should consider hiring our professionals to completely replace your roof.

How old is your roof?

Regardless of what type of roof you have, it won’t last forever. If your roof is nearing the end of the material’s average lifespan, it’s a good idea to just bite the bullet and replace it instead of making small repairs over and over. After all, it’ll need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Are your gutters damaged?

Having properly working gutters is essential to a functioning roof. If the gutter system sustained any damage and need to be replaced, you might as well just have your roofers replace the gutters and the rest of the roof while they’re at it.

Are you selling your home soon?

If you are planning on selling your current house any time soon, a new roof can really boost its resale price. Even if you have to pay a lot more for a totally new roof, you’ll probably be able to make that money back (and then some) when it sells.

Whether you think your roof needs to be totally replaced or just repaired, give Stubbs Roofing, Inc. a call. Our friendly professionals can offer you a free quote and give you their recommendations regarding roof replacement or roof repair in Salt Lake City, UT.

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