Choosing the Right Color Shingles for Your Roof: Tips from a Shingle Roofer in Salt Lake City, UT

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So, it’s time to get some new shingles for your roof. Whether this house is new to you or you have lived there for years, getting new shingles is really just another opportunity to make your home more fitting for you and your family. You could choose any color for your shingles, but there is a risk involved in doing so. Luckily, there a few tips you could use that could prove to be helpful when you finally start to narrow down your color options.

After hiring a shingle roofer in Salt Lake City, UT to help with your roof, you’ll want to consider the following tips to help you select the perfect color:

  • Personal preference: What color do you prefer for your roof? Just like when you are painting your home’s exterior and have various colors to choose from, when you’re getting new shingles, you have a lot of options. Ideally, whatever color you choose will be one that you like. You will be living with these shingles for many years to come, unless you plan to sell your home, so it is important that the color is something you love.
  • Exterior color: A lot of people make the mistake of not considering the color or overall “busy-ness” of their home’s exterior and choose shingles that don’t make their home look very good. For example, if you have multicolor bricks, you want to steer clear of multicolor shingles because the look will be too much. Keep things simple and choose one color. If you have a home that is one color, you could use a color for your shingles that will make the home stand out a bit more and add curb appeal.
  • Light: The color of your roof can appear different to those passing by depending on the amount of light. When the sun is shining bright, it may be a medium brown, but as the sun starts to set, it may appear to be a forest green. You need a color that will look the same in all lighting or doesn’t change too much when there is an adjustment in how light it is outside.
  • Resale value: So, you have chosen a color that is bold, bright and makes your home stand out. However, what you should keep in mind is how this color may affect your home’s resale value. Just because you thought a bright red roof was a good idea, that doesn’t mean those looking for a new home will agree! If you know you will be planning to sell your home at some point, you may want to play it a little safe.

Failing to put thought into what color shingles would go perfectly with your house can lead to disaster. If you are trying to sell, people won’t buy. Neighbors, friends and family may not like the overall look, or you yourself may be dissatisfied with your home’s appearance. Before making a selection, be sure to take the aforementioned into consideration.

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